What tech does the Iron Man himself use? Let’s find out…

Well, if you’re being picky, it’s the man inside the Iron that’s
the one wearing the gadgets, but that doesn’t stop them looking
fricking awesome.
So come on Samsung – don’t leave us hanging. If it’s good
enough for a multi-billionaire philanthropist genius playboy then
it’s… well, probably best you don’t let us get our hands on it



Not only does Tony Stark get to wear a suit that turns him into a
superhero, he also gets access to the best-looking smartwatch
Samsung has ever created.
If the Gear S was mixed with the Avengers logo, this is the watch
that would appear, coming with a cool off-centre strap and
desirable metallic finish.
Samsung’s description of the new watch was less slick though:
“With a striking glass interface, Samsung’s top secret
smartwatch features two user modes: Normal and Transparent so
that the Avengers can access their personal information while
staying up to date on any imminent threats to the universe.


Yes, because that’s the way they’re going to find out about it,
by tapping on a tiny screen and scrolling through: “Wow, I’ve
won that beard trimmer I forgot I bid on… Pepper is going to be
running late… ah, crap – a super smart evil robot has been
destroying the world for the last three hours.


“Missed that.”


Having played with the transparent Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness
and got a headache from looking through the display, the notion of
a complete pane of glass making an awesome smartphone seems


That said, it does look damn cool and allows Stark to project
holograms and the like – plus it’s packed to the rafters with the
cool and futuristic interfaces that you just know would annoy the
life out of anyone that uses it for more than three seconds.


But that’s not the whole story here: Samsung has been hard at
work in the made-up R&D labs and ‘created’ this flexible phone
with two curved panels that features fingerprint security built
right in – no need to worry about THIS phone falling into the wrong
It also projects holograms, according to Samsung – but given it’s
not actually real, it could have said that it can make a mean cup of
tea and turn into a bike on command.


Still looks cool though.



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