About Me

cyber nick

Hello humans. Welcome to my planet of alienicktech. And thanks for landing on my planet.
My name is nikhil. But you can call me nick. As you can notice I included my name in sites name ALIE-NICK-TECH. You guys can call me a techno freak. Because I’m interested in tech stuff from ever since I heard of a pc. My friends call me ”CYBER” for the things I do. Most of them have my contact in their mobile as “cyber”.Actually this is what hit me with an idea of sharing my views with you guys through this site.
I ‘m a graduate in civil from tkrec, Hyderabad city, Telangana state, India. But interested in advance technologies. Because this is what worldzzz running on now. My speciality is hacking. But I’m not going to post the full details here.
I love sharing the things i know with others. And “I’m a learner and always will be, no matter how much I know..” Thats what I really enjoy…….learning.
Hope you guys love my stuff. And I’m at your service all time. So feel free to ask me.
You can contact me at
email- nikhilmohan950@gmail.com